Fortuny Textile DeMedici Patterned Lime Green & Beige Pillows

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Fortuny Textile DeMedici Patterned Lime Green & Beige Pillows


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Stunning pair of Fortuny textile pillows adorned with the illustrious De Medici pattern, a design that pays homage to the legacy of the Medici family. This pattern is not merely decorative; it encapsulates a narrative of wealth, influence, and a profound appreciation for beauty and power. The Medici family, whhose origins in the textile industry laid the foundation for their ascent in banking and ultimately to the heights of the papacy, left an indelible mark on Italian history and beyond. The De Medici pattern on these pillows captures the essence of this legacy, with dramatic ornamentation and large stylized floral medallions that reflect the family’s penchant for opulence and grand design.

The color scheme of lime green and beige is both vibrant and refined, offering a fresh and elegant aesthetic. The lime green brings a lively energy to the design, white the beige provides a subtle contrast, grounding the pattern and enhancing its sophistication. This color combination is beautifully complemented by the soft green velvet on the back of the pillows.

Inside, the down-filled inserts ensure that these pillows are as comfortable as they are beautiful. The down provides a plush and cozy feel, inviting relaxation and adding an extra layer of luxury to the overall design.


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