Knole Settee, Early 20th century, English Baroque in Belgium Linen

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Knole Settee, Early 20th century, English Baroque in Belgium Linen


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This is an early 20th century interpretation of the infamous, upholstered 17th century couch with hinged arm rests, found at Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent, the ancestral seat of the Sackvilles made by the most eminent upholsterer of the early 20th century, Morant & Co.

These settes served the Dual purpose of bed and settee, and is one of the earliest examples of English upholstered, seat furniture. These settees are extremely comfortable as well as injecting period atmosphere into the interiors. They work well with contemporary and historical interiors and juxtapose with contemporary and modern art.

It retains the original iron ratchets so the wings can be lowered to different heights. It is newly upholstered in an oatmeal colored Belgium Linen with brass nailhead trim detail. The arms are supported by oak turned uprights. The seat has a large down loose cushion. It stands on its original brass castors.

Height back-41″
Height seat-21″
Closed Length-69″
Open Length Fully Extended-98″

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