Pair of Italian Neoclassical Style Painted & Parcel Gilt Armchairs C. 1900’s

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Pair of Italian Neoclassical Style Painted & Parcel Gilt Armchairs C. 1900’s


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Italian Neoclassical style armchairs with a painted & parcel gilt finish. This style is characterized by its neoclassical elements, including straight lines, fluted legs, and intricate carvings. The arms feature detailed carvings, including acanthus leaves and floral motifs, common in Neoclassical furniture. The legs are fluted and tapered, with carvings near the feet that resemble traditional classical motifs.

The chairs are upholstered in a light, neutral Belgium linen. The upholstery is secured with. decorative nailhead trim.

The chairs are in good condition with some signs of wear consistent with age, particularly on the gilded sections.



Additional Information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 25 in. W x 35.5 in. H x 23 in. D
Date of Manufacture

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