Set of Sixteen Leather Bound Book by Charles Reade

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Set of Sixteen Leather Bound Book by Charles Reade


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Set of sixteen leather bound books by Charles Reade. Charles Reade was known for his novels that often combined elements of romance, social injustice, and moral earnestness. His works such as “The Cloister and the Hearth” remain of interest to collectors of Victorian literature.

The publisher, De wolfe, Fiske & Co. was a Boston-based publisher known for producing a wide range of literature. Books published by this firm can be of interest to collectors, especially those focusing on American publication of British authors. They were published in 1863.

Leather bound books with embossed covers are highly desirable for their aesthetic and collectible value. Such features often indicate a publisher’s effort to produce a luxury edition.

These book have illustrated plates at the beginning. Illustrations were a significant selling point in the 19th century.


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