Italian Painted and Parcel Gilt Semi-Nude Woman Torchiere, circa 1930s

  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-8230
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-5985
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-8473
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-4204
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-2841
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-8939
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-7715
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-7932
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-3133
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-4668
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-5583
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-6750
  • italian-painted-and-parcel-gilt-semi-nude-woman-torchere-c-1930s-3011

Italian Painted and Parcel Gilt Semi-Nude Woman Torchiere, circa 1930s


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Italian Classical Roman style painted and parcel-gilt semi-nude torchiere standing on a beautifully carved giltwood base.

Additional Information

Dimensions 19 in. W x 57.5 in. H x 19 in. D

Place of Origin

In the Style of

Materials and Techiniques

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